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The continuous change of the environment in terms of economical, social and cultural conditions lead to a constant development of GSB. We understand ourselves as a "learning organization" and support the skill development of our employees and the optimization of business processes.

Not only the technical know-how and long-term experience of our employees, but also our ability to innovate, which is indispensable to solving difficult technical problems, sum up our core competencies. To our customers we are opening up the possibility to aquire technically demanding engineering services as well as the all the necessary installation expertise.

Task specific, we develop vendor independent concepts and offer complex problems solutions from a single source.

Network & Partners

According to our philosophy we develop technically feasible and at the same time economically viable solutions. In the case of large work tasks, the collaboration with (consortium) partners and suppliers is for us standard practice. 

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Gesellschaft für elektrische Ausrüstungen mbH & Co. KG

Albert-Einstein-Str. 6

41569 Rommerskirchen

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