Engineering, design and documentation

Precise design and engineering - the basis of a successful project implementation.

  • Engineering for the construction / renovation of switchgears
  • Design of circuit diagrams, terminal diagrams etc. in different CAE systems (for example, ePLAN, AutoCAD, ProPlan)
  • Mechanical assembly design using 3D software
  • Project support (for example as part of the work phases of the HOAI)
  • Preparation of drawings, detailed plans, execution plans
  • Development of standardised documentation to ensure compliance with safety, environmental and technical requirements

Our service

Switchgears have a service life of many decades and the operational conditions are often changing. In many cases a transfer to new operational demands is necessary. GSB supports you in planning and implementing the measures necessary for the reliable operation of your system in the new operational state.

Our engineers use up-to-date market compliant CAE systems, so that you have assured access to your data in the future.

Through many years of experience in the field of mechanical design, we can offer you solutions for the entire plant. The interface between electrical and mechanical construction is optimally linked.

GSB has many years of experience in different energy systems and is a competent business partner. This guarantees high quality results and an optimized price-performance ratio.