Switch truck

state-of-the-art - independent of manufacturer

  • Delivery of switch trucks with modern vacuum circuit breakers
  • Delivery of switch trucks with contactors
  • Delivery of switch trucks with disconnectors
  • Engineering and production in Rommerskirchen (Made in Germany)

Our service

Even when electrical equipment and components have seen their prime they are far from used up. Often they continue to perform solid work. For this reason in most cases it is profitable to provide older electrical installations with fresh components to make them efficient for the future. A successful method in this regard has been implemented by GSB for over 20 years: Retrofit.

The exchange of relevant components ensures that the service life of the refurbished equipment will be prolonged. This also means that maintenance intervals can be significantly increased through the use of low-maintenance components - which in turn reduces maintenance costs substantially.

Our experienced team is replacing your low-level oil circuit breakers for vacuum circuit breakers of the latest design. Do you need switchging devices for a high number of switching cycles? We can supply you with switching carriages with contactors. The supply of switching carriages with switch disconnectors is also part of our product and service portfolio.

We can implement special solutions for you with our experienced engenieering team. Production takes place in our in-house work-shop (Made in Germany) - regardless of the manufacturer.