Upgrading of systems in operation: primary and secondary retrofit

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  • Retrofitting and modernizing of circuit breaker trucks
  • Replacement of fixed mounted low oil content circuit breakers with vacuum circuit breakers
  • Replacement or retrofitting of switch breakers (for example, with compressed air driving mechanism)
  • Upgrading or retrofitting of current transformers, switchging devices or protection relays
  • Increasing personnel and plant safety by retrofitting of modern safety equipment (for example, Ultra Fast Earthing Switch, UFES™)
  • Replacement of electromechanical relays to modern digital protective relays

Our Service

Even when electrical equipment and components have seen their prime they are far from used up. Often they continue to perform solid work. For this reason in most cases it is profitable to provide older electrical installations with fresh components to make them efficient for the future. A successful method in this regard has been implemented by GSB for over 20 years: Retrofit.

The exchange of relevant components ensures that the service life of the refurbished equipment will be prolonged. This also means that maintenance intervals can be significantly increased through the use of low-maintenance components - which in turn reduces maintenance costs substantially.

Our experienced team is replacing your low-level oil circuit breakers to vacuum circuit breakers of the latest design. Switchging devices with pneumatic drives are maintenance-intensive, spare parts or service kits are in many cases no longer available. GSB offers you solutions for the replacement of the drives or the entire switch.

By replacing electromechanical or electronic protective relays with modern digital protection systems the operational sustainability of the plant is significantly increased. The probability of false alarms is reduced. GSB offers complete solutions for the planning, installation and commissioning of the new protection relays.

  • GSB reference: retrofit - primary technology

  • GSB reference: secondary technology